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Military/Rescue - Troop Transport/Combat Boats

Specwar 20-foot troop transport/combat boat

The Patten Assault D560, D500 and D450 evolved from over 60 years of designing inflatable life saving equipment and high-speed assault boats. The original stacked tube models, designated RB-12 and RB-15, were designed specifically for covert operations in 1958. "They" needed a boat that was more rigid than the single tube design, faster, with more interior space, that could fit into the same package and could be launched from a submarine escape trunk in the forward torpedo room.

From that development we bring you the Specwar D-series.

Deck Layout and Seating Arrangements

The craft can be outfitted for almost any type of infiltration/exfiltration scenarios. Seating arrangements can accommodate up to 12 personnel in the D560 and many other custom options are available on all models.

Coat Fabrics and Construction

All the materials used in this craft are made in the USA. The UV and chemical resistance of our coated fabrics surpasses any commercially available boat fabric. All seams are thermal bonded to insure superior air retention, strength and longevity. The base cloth is a 1050 denier woven polyester with a DuPont elvaloy copolymer. The finished weight is 40 oz/sq yd. Mechanical properties included under Fed Std 101 exceed 30 lbs/sq in of coating adhesion (in peel) and over 100 lbs puncture resistance.

Transom, Floor Boards and Keel

All are FRP composite. The transom and floor boards have a state-of-the-art foam core.

Features and Standard Equipment
  • High bow rise allows surface access to hatch
  • Cat design and wide beam make this boat a stable dive platform
  • Stacked tubes make it a rigid, fast craft
  • Fiberglass transom, flooboards and keel
  • Transom and rear floor are bonded together for added rigidity
  • This is a collapsible boat for special deployment requirements
  • Vertical tank storage is available for 4 to 12 tanks or re-breathers depending on requirements
  • Six independent tubes and 2 inflatable seats
  • Dive hatch has a zipper with 100 lbs per sq in breaking strength and mil-spec high shear velcro for utmost safety closure.
  • Inflatable seats allow occupants to sit against gunwale tubes for back support
  • The seats are removable and can be used to float equipment or injured personnel
  • High freeboard and offset upper tube makes this the driest inflatable on the market
  • Topping-off valves are made to Coast Guard and mil-spec life raft standards
  • Pressure relief valves ensure against overinflation, especially when filling by air tanks
  • Entire bottom of tubes are full-length double layers with added molded matting for the ultimate abrasion resistance
  • High-profile side rub rail on upper and lower tubes deflect water and protect against chafing
  • 10 handles around the outboard perimiter for carrying
  • Fast self-bailing floor and transom drains were tested under a waterfall and retained sufficient buoyancy
  • 2" x 5/16" S.S. (with roller) tow rings permit high-speed towing
  • 14 D-rings for equipment bag tie-down
  • Compressed air inflation cylinder (120 cu ft for the D560) inflates in approximately 2 minutes
  • Inter-communicating valves linking all six chambers can be closed after inflation
  • All compartments can be topped off by air tanks
  • Custom fuel bladders as required